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Bike Rentals – Explore the Healthiest Way There Is

Riding a bike is healthy for the body but can even be more beneficial to places like Waikiki, Hawaii. But why do we say that? Waikiki has natural beauty with clear water, white sand, lush green forest, and high peaks. The more carbon footprint is left behind, the more damage it will do to this picturesque place. So when in Waikiki, try to rent a bike to travel the places around.

But with so many sharks in the sea, how do you know the best place to rent a bike from? We’ve solved your problem! You can book your bikes from Waikiki Bike Rentals. How and what should you do? We’ll discuss that further in this post.

How to Rent Bicycles?

Renting a bike from Waikiki Bike Rentals is extremely convenient and simple. You can book one online before reaching Waikiki. After your request has been accepted, you will be contacted by the team through email regarding the date, time, and place you can collect the bike.


On the other hand, if you are already in Waikiki, you can order their bikes from any of the hotels you are staying and get the bike delivered to the hotel. You can then pick it up and set on for your Waikiki exploration.

What Comes With The Bike Rental?

When you rent a bike through Waikiki Bike Rentals, you don’t have to worry about safety or the extra accessories, as you will get all of them. You’ll get safety helmets, a lock to park your bikes, and lights if you want to go around at night.

The bikes will be given to you in top-notch condition, and you will get the seats of the bikes adjusted according to your convenience. The bike’s tire and mechanical aspects will first be checked before you and handed over.

What Type of Bikes Do You Have?

If you think only the adults can ride the bikes on the island, then you are wrong! Most of the bike rentals in Waikiki will offer only adult bikes. However, Waikiki Bike Rentals offers a collection of bikes both for adults and children.

You can get multiple options to choose from, and so your kids. And the best part? When you book a bike for your kids, you can enjoy a fit yet enjoyable vacation with your entire family.

Who Can Rent A Bicycle?

Now let’s come to the most important question: who can rent a bike from Waikiki Bike Rentals? While the agency does not have its own rules, Hawaii’s laws suggest that people 18 years or above can easily rent a bike.

The rates of the bikes can vary based on the type of bike you’ve rented and the duration you have rented it for. The bikes are given on a per day as well as an hourly basis. The rates of these bikes can go for as low as $15 and as high as $65.

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