49cc Gas Scooter Parts You Can Rely On

49cc Gas Scooter Parts You Can Rely On

Gas scooters are by far one of the most common modes of transportation ridden all around the world. These are convenient, quick, and perfect for those long trips you want to go on with your friends. However, these scooters also need the right and compatible parts to function properly, so they can be your buddy during the entire trip. Here, I’ve listed some common scooter parts that will make your ride smooth and go for longer.

What’s This CC?

CC, you must have come across this acronym many times, whether buying a scooter or maybe researching about one. So, what is this CC? To get the right parts, it’s important to understand first what exactly this is to find the compatible part for your vehicle.

The cubic capacity, commonly called CC, is the engine’s power output. It shows the volume of the combustion chamber within a scooter’s engine. The more CC there is, the higher the amount of air and fuel mixture is compressed to generate power. And when the compression of the air-fuel mixture is more, it leads to increased power output.

Top 5 49cc Gas Scooter Parts You Must Have

Now that you’ve got an idea of what this CC means, you’ll be better able to find the right products. For now, to make things easier for you, I have curated some basic ones to make your riding experience even better.

1. YOXUFA Carburetors

 YOXUFA Carburetors


A carburetor supplies an internal combustion engine with the air/fuel mixture necessary for combustion and regulates the flow of air through its main bore, also known as the Venturi. This is mainly used for sensor parts, not mechanical ones.

This carburetor was a reliable choice for me as it enhanced my scooter’s performance. It is a perfect replacement for the old one and can even upgrade your engine. While there may be fitting issues, some rounds of tape can help with its stability. The package includes comprehensive components for installation. Also, the company is always ready to assist you if you need it

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2. MTATCN Engine Kit With Air Filter

MTATCN Engine Kit With Air Filter


An engine is very important for powering your scooter. This scooter engine kit is compatible with various 2-stroke scooter engines, ranging from 33cc to 49cc, making it versatile for installation on gas scooters, quads, pocket bikes, dirt bikes, and choppers.

We love this part for our gas scooters as it comes with an upgraded CNC air filter featuring an easy-to-use choke lever, ensuring effective filtration with conveniently marked specifications. This air filter filters out dirt and debris before it reaches the engine. When clean air enters the engine, it leads to better combustion and smooth power delivery, making your scooter more efficient.

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3. QAZAKY Throttle Cable

QAZAKY Throttle Cable


A throttle cable is an important part of a gas scooter that assists in controlling the speed of the engine. With a worn-out throttle cable, your scooter’s engine will be unable to respond fast to acceleration. 

We tackled this problem by getting this affordable and high-quality throttle cable. The best thing about this I found is its sleek black cable that features a straight tip for easy installation and enhanced functionality.

It has a total length of 90cm and a moving length of 10cm, offering optimal flexibility and maneuverability. This throttle cable can also be used for other two-wheelers, making it a must-have addition to any vehicle.

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4. MTATCN Pull Starter

MTATCN Pull Starter


Also known as a pull recoil starter, it is mainly used to manually pull start the engine by generating the initial force needed to turn the engine’s crankshaft. It’s got an impressive capacity of up to 10,000 starts with excellent elasticity. An impact-proof core guarantees durability, reinforced by a thicker shell resistant to breakage, cracks, or deformation.

It also includes an exact claw, aluminum gasket, and screws to ensure a secure fit. I really enjoyed using this thing because it’s got a super light recoil starter with a thin aluminum gasket, making it way lighter. Plus, it seals up tight against dirt, dust, and sand, so it keeps on performing well and lasts longer.

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5. VRWEARE Gas Fuel Switch Pump

VRWEARE Gas Fuel Switch Pump

A gas fuel switch is important during a moderate or severe crash. This part automatically halts the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine during any accidents. This switch pump is constructed from high-quality zinc alloy; this fuel cock exemplifies durability and reliability.

It has a thread size of 16mm x 1.5mm and fits seamlessly for Gy6 engines ranging from 49cc to 250cc. I noticed that it effectively removed impurities and ensured resistance against corrosion and oxidation, which led to the increased age of my scooter, even after constantly riding it in harsh conditions.

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What kind of parts are available for 49cc scooters?

A wide range of parts is available for 49cc gas scooters, including, but not limited to, carburetors, spark plugs, air filters, tires, brakes, throttle cables, and engine components.

Are these parts compatible with all models of 49cc scooters?

The parts that I’ve mentioned here are all compatible with 49cc gas scooters; however, I suggest you always check the scooter’s specifications and the parts to make sure they are a perfect fit.

How do I know I’m purchasing the correct part for my scooter?

You can check the model and specifications provided by the manufacturer and browse for parts online. If you need assistance, you can call the brands and ensure the parts are right for your scooter.

To Wrap Up

So, here they are! Whether you’re replacing worn-out components or upgrading certain parts for better efficiency, the curated selection of top-quality parts mentioned here promises reliability and longevity, ensuring your scooter remains your trusty companion on every journey. Finally, always check the part’s compatibility with that of your scooter so your scooter performs the way you want.

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