Replacement Batteries for Electric Scooters

Replacement Batteries for Electric Scooters

What’s the first thing you need for an electric scooter? That’s right! A battery. While these batteries come with chargers, there are times when even the charger won’t give your electric scooter the power it needs. Sometimes, these batteries can get worked up and stop working. In this case, you have no option but to buy a new electric scooter battery.

After deep research, I’ve listed some scooter batteries you can easily buy online to keep your scooters running longer.

1. 2200 mAh BaYte Lithium Ion Battery

2200 mAh BaYte Lithium Ion Battery


Model of the Battery model: 25.2V 2200mAh

Minimum Voltage: 25.2V

Minimum Capacity: 2200mAh

Size of the Battery: 20x70x126 MM

Weight: 350g

First on the list I have is BayTe’s lithium-ion battery. It’s a rechargeable battery perfect for your electric scooter or skateboard. It’s an environmentally friendly option and by installing this in our scooters, it improved our scooter’s performance and made it the perfect ride choice for eco-conscious riders.

With the outer blue PVC cover, the battery is free from water and moisture damage. It doesn’t get self-discharged and is wear-resistant, so you can count on this battery for long-lasting performance, rain or shine.

The battery has a reliable PCM system that protects it from overcharge and overdischarge, ensuring its longevity and safety.


  • Highly affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Moisture damage proof
  • May not be very powerful compared to its counterparts


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2. 15 Ah GeRRit Lithium Battery

15 Ah GeRRit Lithium Battery

Model of the Battery: 29.4v-15Ah

Minimum Voltage: 29.4V

Minimum Capacity: 15Ah

Size of the Battery: 40x68x270MM

Weight: 1.4kg

Now, there’s this powerful and versatile 29.4V 15Ah lithium battery pack—the perfect solution for your electric vehicles and tools. This battery has a voltage of 29.4V and a capacity of 15AH. It also comes with a handy 2A charger for seamless battery charging.

The battery is integrated with the BMS system that protects our scooters against overloads and short circuits. It has a no-memory effect feature, which means we didn’t have to drain the battery before charging it up again.

It’s covered in a waterproof PVC package, so you can ride in any weather without a second thought about damaging the battery. And if you thought that these were only compatible with scooters, let me tell you, you can use them for your bikes, motorcycles, karts, cars, and so much more.

  • Has no-memory effect
  • BMS system integrated
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with other electric rides
  • The weight is on the heavier side


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3. 15 Ah WXFKLDJ Lithium Ion Battery

15 Ah WXFKLDJ Lithium Ion Battery


Model of the Battery: 60 V 12Ah 15Ah 20Ah 25Ah 30Ah

Minimum Voltage: Depends on the size

Minimum Capacity: Depends on the size

Size of the Battery: Differs based on the size you buy

Weight: Differs based on the size you buy

Out of all the batteries I have mentioned and will mention, I’ve used the WXFKLDJ lithium-ion battery. Before you click on the link to check its price, let me warn you beforehand, as this might not be the best budget-friendly option you would want to go for.

Aside from its high price, this scooter battery is among the best options for your scooter’s long life. They come in different sizes, such as 12Ah, 15Ah, 20Ah, 25Ah, and 30Ah, so you can choose the right one based on the compatibility of your electric scooter.

Although it is a bit expensive, its high-quality cells and built-in protection board, protected our scooters against overcharging, over-discharging, overloads, and short circuits. The outer layer of the battery is made of PVC material, keeping it resistant to corrosion and wear.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Prevents various damage
  • Wear and corrosion free
  • Compatible with other electric rides
  • Not a budget friendly option

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4. 15 Ah OXEXE Lithium Ion Battery

 15 Ah OXEXE Lithium Ion Battery


Model of the Battery: 36V 15ah

Minimum Voltage: 36 V

Minimum Capacity: 15Ah

Size of the Battery: 40x70x280mm

Weight: 1.8kg

I personally like this model as it has a handy 42V 2A charger, so the energy flows without hassle. It has high-quality electrical cells and a built-in 15A BMS protective plate to back your scooter against overload, overcharge, overflow, and short circuit.

And don’t get me started on the eight protection functions it has, including overload protection, overcurrent protection, voltage compensation, and so much more. It’s also waterproof, so even if you jump your scooter into any puddles, the battery will take it.


  • Prevents overload
  • Has BMS protective plate
  • Packed with eight different functions
  • Compatible with other electric rides
  • Weight is on the heavier side

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What are the common types of electric scooter batteries?

Electric scooters typically use one of two types of batteries: lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Of these two, the latter are the most used as they are lighter, more energy-dense, and have a longer lifespan.

How do I choose the right replacement battery?

When selecting a replacement battery, you should consider the type of battery your scooter is compatible with, as well as the battery’s voltage, capacity, and size.

Where can I purchase batteries for my electric scooter?

You can purchase the batteries from specialty stores, authorized dealerships, or online. Wherever you plan to buy, be sure to choose a reputable seller and verify that the battery you’re purchasing is compatible with your scooter model.

To Sum It Up

There are many electric scooter batteries available, some in the local shops nearby and some at your fingertips. With such an ocean of options, this list will definitely help you. From affordable to expensive, you can find everything here. Get ready to add the right item to your cart and wait for your scooter’s perfect energy source!


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