How Dangerous Are Scooters? Statistics That Could Save Your Life

I totally understand the value of scooters and mopeds in Hawaii. It’s actually one of the best ways to travel around scenic roads easily and quickly. Basically, it’s a convenient and affordable way of traveling on your own terms.

Scooters are awesome because they’re small and perfect for zipping around. But that size also makes them risky—they offer less protection and are harder for other drivers to see. Their slim design means they can easily be overlooked in traffic, upping the chances of accidents. So, while they’re super convenient, you have to stay alert!

Here, you’ll learn more about how dangerous are mopeds and scooters for your life and how to be safe while riding!

Common Reasons for Scooter Accidents

Scooters, however safe it may look, it is important for scooter riders to be careful on the road. If not, they can meet with deadly accidents on the road. We’ve mentioned some of the common reasons for these accidents based on what we see every day on the Hawaiian road:

Less Visibility

Scooters and motorcycles are smaller vehicles, so sometimes, it isn’t easy to notice turns or signs of changing lanes. Scooters and especially mopeds hardly make any noise, making it difficult for the driver in front to know whether someone’s behind them. The main problem lies when you are riding behind a car, and your vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot. This low visibility of scooters is one of the reasons for these accidents.

Not Enough Safety Gears

Safety gear is very important while riding any two-wheeler. But many riders, just to show off and so that the gears don’t mess with their well-dressed look, refrain from wearing any safety gear. While there is proper gear for those riding motorcycles, scooter riders don’t have much proper safety gear available. Scooter riders can only wear a helmet, which is not really enough for the road.

Lack Of Stability

Scooters are small and have smaller wheels, making them more slippery and accident-prone on the road. If the vehicle is at speed, this can lead to scooters flipping or falling more easily. If you are riding in windy conditions or small debris and branches are on public roads, your two wheels won’t be able to balance properly.

What’s The Latest Scooter Accident Statistics In Hawaii

Scooter Accident Statistics In Hawaii

Without solid proof, we understand that you may not believe that scooter riding is actually dangerous in Hawaii. However, The Hawaii State Department (HDOT) records every accident that takes place in the state.

Even though the department provides a statistical analysis, they usually combine all the two-wheelers and then produce the results. This makes it difficult to give actual data on how many scooter and moped accidents really take place every year compared to other motorized vehicles.

Before looking at this year’s data, let’s first go back and see how the conditions were before and whether they have increased or decreased. All around the nation, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) saw more than 22% increase in electric scooters injuries from the year 2021 to 2022.

These incidents also highlighted a broader rise in micromobility-related accidents​ (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). These statistics are part of a growing concern as the use of e-scooters and similar devices becomes more widespread.

In 2022, there were more than 30 two-wheel motorized vehicle-related fatalities in Hawaii. It accounted for 28% of all traffic deaths. When the officials checked, they found out that more than 20 of these riders did not have driver’s license.

Preliminary data also indicated that around 17 moped rider tested positive for alcohol or drugs. There were nine deaths through single-vehicle crashes due to overspeeding. Ten were badly injured for the same reason. There were only nine people riding mopeds who were harmed even after wearing helmets.

HDOT, in the year 2023, reported 13 deaths of those riding motorcycles, scooters, or mopeds on the roads. Coming to the latest statistics on scooter accidents in Hawaii reveal some concerning trends.

From January 1, 2024, to May 17, 2024, there have been eight fatalities involving motorcycle, moped, and scooter operators across the state. This includes one scooter-related death in Honolulu County​​​.

Locally, the HDOT has been actively working to improve road safety and reduce fatalities. Despite some improvements in overall driving behavior, such as reduced speeding and fewer DUIs, the number of fatalities involving motorcycles and scooters remains significant​.

HDOT urges all road users to be cautious and share the road, especially during Motorcycle Safety Month. They advise drivers to check mirrors and blind spots carefully, as scooters and mopeds can be easily hidden. Drivers should also maintain more distance behind two-wheelers, allowing riders to ride safely. Riders are urged to obtain proper licensing and wear high-visibility gear.

You can visit the Hawaii Department of Transportation’s Safe Communities Program for a more detailed look at the statistics and efforts to improve road safety.

Scooter Safety Tips You Should Practice

Scooter Safety Tips

While the governing body has come up with a way of dealing with moped accidents, a rider still has to be careful on the road to prevent getting into problems due to someone else’s negligence. We can suggest some ways to keep yourself safe:

  • Make sure you are visible enough to other road users. This can be done by wearing reflective clothing or bright-colored helmets and clothes.
  • Always practice riding even if you are experienced. This means you should be able to change routes if the car driver or any other driver fails to take notice of their blind spot.
  • Even if you are riding a short distance, remember always to wear a helmet. This will prevent you from any brain damage during an accident or even death.
  • Scooters are just like any other vehicle. So, the same rules apply here. Just like how it’s important to wear seat belts in a car, it’s important to wear protective gear while riding any two-wheeler.
  • If you are still not confident about your riding, enroll in a riding class. Several institutions, like the University of Hawaii, offer riding courses. You’ll be trained by professionals who will prepare you to take on the road.
  • Since you won’t be protected in any way, it is good to choose the right gear. Don’t wear open-toed footwear, as they won’t save you during a crash. Go for proper closed-toe shoes and wear goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Scooters and mopeds are usually slower than cars. Therefore, as a moped driver, it is important that you always stay on the right side of the road. This will protect you from careless car drivers.
  • Never drink and drive or never drive under any kind of intoxication. These are some of the most common ways moped drivers get into a deadly crash. So, be sober and safe.
  • Moped riders often get bored while riding, especially during a long ride. Therefore, ride defensively and try to stay focused. Maintain distance from other vehicles and always be vigilant on the road for intersections, driveways, and parking spaces.
  • Get your vehicles checked regularly. If you are renting a mopeds, scooters and motorcycles, make sure that they are in good condition. Inspect the vehicle in front of the rental company, for added safety.
  • It’s important to have insurance that covers your vehicle’s damage and most medical bills. While renting a vehicle, check if it has insurance so you don’t have to pay extra for any additional expenses.


How common are scooter accidents in Hawaii?

Scooter accidents are relatively common in Hawaii, with an increasing number of incidents reported each year. The exact frequency can vary, but the rise in scooter usage has led to more accidents and injuries. Thanks to transportation programs, the number of accidents is decreasing, but they’re still dangerous.

Are there any statistics on scooter fatalities in Hawaii?

Yes, there are statistics on fatalities. While the number can fluctuate, fatalities do occur, often due to severe head injuries or collisions with larger vehicles. Wearing helmets and following traffic laws significantly reduce the risk of fatal outcomes.

Are rental scooters safer or more dangerous than privately owned scooters?

Rental scooters can be both safer and more dangerous than privately owned scooters. While rental companies often maintain their scooters well, the high turnover of users can lead to wear and tear. Additionally, tourists who rent scooters may be unfamiliar with local traffic patterns and road conditions, increasing the risk of accidents.

Ride Safely! Be Safe!

Two-wheeled rides are not dangerous on their own, but they come with serious risks. Remember, a good chunk of those gnarly accidents happen because drivers aren’t following the rules—like not having the right license or riding buzzed. So, gear up, keep the speed in check, and stay sober when you’re cruising. Ride smart, stay safe, and enjoy the ride!

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