Electric Scooter Rear Replacement Fenders

Electric Scooter Rear Replacement Fenders

Imagine riding your electric scooter on a muddy road, and the wheels splatter mud all over your good clothes. What is your first feeling? Yes, you would be angry. But will you ever wonder the reason behind it? Okay, so I’ll tell you.

Have you ever heard of rear fenders? If not, you’ve landed at just the right spot. A fender is a panel usually found at the rear of scooters. This panel covers the tire and protects not only you but also your scooter’s brake system from mud and other dirt, making your ride more efficient.

If you are looking for good-quality electric scooter rear fenders, I have them for you! Just keep reading, and you’ll find the best ones suitable for your scooter.

1. GYL Rear Fender

GYL Rear Fender


First, let’s start with the most expensive one on the list. This fender is built from premium-quality alloy and plastic. What I loved the most about this rear fender is that it is very flexible, has non-slip properties, and is sun resistant. So, however and wherever you want to take your scooters, this fender will be durable and wear-resistant for prolonged use.

This fender is highly compatible with popular electric scooter models like the Hiboy S2 and Ninebot ES series. It is 30 cm long and weighs 285g, making it a practical addition. The installation process is effortless, so you can DIY without any professional help.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Non-slip and sun resistance properties
  • Light and durable
  • Not a budget-friendly option
  • Only compatible with certain models


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2. LEFELWEL Rear Fender

LEFELWEL Rear Fender


If you have a Segway Ninebot Max G30/G30LP electric scooter, this rear fender assembly is a durable and essential accessory you should have. Touching it feels very premium for the price as it is made from high-quality ABS and PC materials, making it tough and wear-resistant.

After we installed this in our scooters, it reduced the risk of accidental damage, and also effectively prevented mud and water splashes on rainy days. While purchasing this fender, you receive all the necessary components with the package, making the setup easy. This fender definitely stays true to its claims!

  • Rust proof
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Wear resistance
  • Bit expensive
  • Only used for specific electric scooters


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3. JOYSOG Rear Fender

JOYSOG Rear Fender


This colourful and stylish rear replacement fender is all you need to amp up the look and functionality of your electric scooter. Compatible with Ninebot Max G30/G30LP electric scooters, this accessory offers essential features for a safe and convenient riding experience. It is made from high-density ABS, metal, and PC materials, making it quite tough.

When you purchase this fender, you can rest assured that it will protect you from mud and water splashing on rainy days, keeping your clothes clean while riding. We loved this addition to our electric scooters as it has a waterproof and dustproof rear brake light to enhance visibility and keep us safe at night.


  • Installation and removal are easy
  • Lightweight
  • Wear resistant
  • Comes with a rear brake light
  • Installation accessories and mudguard bracket included
  • It may be a bit expensive for some


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4. Yungeln Rear Fender

Yungeln Rear Fender


Now, for the affordable option. This rear fender may be affordable, but it doesn’t compromise its quality and is equipped with many features. First of all, this is made from high-quality, high-strength ABS and PC materials, making it both sturdy and lightweight.

I also noticed that this definitely prevents splashes and works well for its purpose. This rear replacement goes well with MAX G30 model scooters. It isn’t sold with installation accessories, so you may have to take professional help.


  • Regular maintenance is not needed
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Not universal
  • No extra accessories provided
  • Alignment and fitting issues


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5. Morichs Rear Fender

Morichs Rear Fender


For the price, this rear fender is very sturdy and excels in durability, promising longevity in its usage. When installed alongside our anti-break bracket, it is an essential replacement part for your electric scooter.

Again, this is specifically made for Xiaomi M365/M365 Pro electric scooters, so if you have one, these will effortlessly fit. What I loved the most about this package is that it comes with all the necessary components that made my replacement process seamless and easy.


  • Works as a perfect replacement
  • Comes with all needed items
  • Designed to fit specific model
  • Could break easily


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6. Hapivida Rear Fender

Hapivida Rear Fender


This fender features a lightweight design to ensure efficient driving without adding unnecessary load. We used this fender for our different scooter models and because it is made for universal fit, it fits really well for each one.

Installing and replacing it is a hassle-free process that contributes to prolonged scooter life, making it an excellent choice for users. And since they are made with superior ABS material, they can easily withstand various weather conditions, providing optimal protection and flexibility for your electric scooter.


  • Wear resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Universal fit
  • Does not come with extra accessories


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When should I consider replacing my electric scooter’s rear fender?

If you see it damaged, cracked, or broken, which eventually compromises its effectiveness in protecting you from road debris, it’s probably the best time to replace it.

Are replacement fenders compatible with all electric scooter models?

While most fenders may look almost the same, they are usually designed for specific models. There are, however, universal ones available, but you’ll have to spend a lot of time finding those. Luckily, in the list, I’ve mentioned one that you can add to your cart if you are looking for one. Also, before buying a fender, make sure to check compatibility with your scooter’s make and model.

Is it difficult to install a replacement rear fender?

It mostly depends on the scooter model you have and its design. Most fenders can be done DIY if you have the right tools and installation steps. But if you find them too complex, it’s recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully or seek assistance from a professional if you are unsure.

Protect Yourself And Your Scooters With The Highest Quality Rear Fender!

When you invest in a high-quality rear fender for your electric scooter, it is essential that it serves its purpose by maintaining cleanliness, protecting your scooter’s components, and ensuring a smooth riding experience. Each selection that I’ve mentioned here offers its own set of advantages. Before you buy one, check the needed compatibility so the parts fit properly. When you have the right fender on hand, you can expect your ride to be much smoother and cleaner.

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