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5 Tips When Visiting Waikiki Beach

Have you planned a trip to Waikiki, Hawaii, but are unsure how to go about it? We’ve made your trip easier for you. When you travel to a new place, exploring the new place and trying out new things can be quite intriguing. But every place has its own set of rules and regulations you should adhere to. Here are five tips you should know about before starting your journey to Waikiki Beach.

1. Don’t Touch A Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

It’s evident that when you see a new animal, you would want to pet them. But when you are on Waikiki Beach and see a Hawaiian sea turtle, it is best to avoid touching them. These endangered species are seen as gods, and you will occasionally find them swimming in the ocean.

But since it is a state and federal crime to touch them unless you want to be called out by the locals or be thrown behind bars, refrain from touching them.

2. Pay Attention To Beach Signs

The beaches your country has, or the ones you may have visited, can be very different from the ones in Hawaii. It is best to glance at the beach signs to know what you can expect from the beach. Many beaches in Hawaii have warning signs such as high tides and currents and strong undertows.

These signs are presented for a reason, i.e., for safety purposes. So, if you want to be safe, stop by and read these signs.  If you rent a scooter, then make sure to pay attention to the signs!

3. Bring Your Own Things to the Beach

While renting floaties or beachwear can be an option, it is always good to buy your own when you go to beach Waikiki. There are many shops around where you can buy towels, beachwear, snorkel sets, and floaties. And instead of wearing something others have worn, it is always best to wear what belongs to you for health reasons if nothing else, I mean who knows who’s cleaning those things!

4.Man-O-War Warnings

We have already discussed the beach signs, but this man-o-war warning sign is the most important one. Portuguese man-o-war are like jellyfish with a blue bubble-type body with stingers. They are not deadly, but if you get stung by them, the experience can be harrowing, lasting for hours.

You can reduce the pain by using a meat tenderizer or peeing on the area where you’ve been stung. These are usually found floating on the water. If you see them, it’s best to leave.

5. Use Sun Protection

It’s a no-say rule that when you are on a beach, you should always apply and carry sunscreen, keep a hat and wrap scarves to protect you from tanning. But with Hawaii, it is even more extreme. The sun is much hotter here compared to other places.

Make sure you use SPF creams and sunscreens that give you overall protection. Also, there’s something to remember you can only use Reef Safe Sunscreen, as others have harmful ingredients that can harm the ocean.

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