Magic Island

Embark On A Magical Adventure Riding Around The Magic Island

When I want to find peace from my busy schedule of everyday life, I simply close my eyes and imagine a place with a clear blue sky and lush greenery all around and feel the cool breeze from the turquoise blue ocean. Trust me, that’s just one of a kind feeling that seriously relaxes your mind.

But you know what’s even better than just imagining this kind of feel? It’s visiting a place where you can experience your dream!

Magic Island is just the right place to release your stress and enjoy your time experiencing the uncompelled beauty of nature.

This manmade beach is a paradise in Hawaii that beckons adventurers to explore its wonders. And what better way to immerse yourself than exploring every nook and corner of the place? Let’s move ahead and discover the unparalleled joy of navigating its charming landscapes on two wheels.

Know About Magic Island

Magic Island is a small, human-made piece of land in Honolulu, Hawaii, created in 1964 originally for a resort complex. After some years, its name was changed to “Aina Moana”; however, not many people use this name much.

You can find it located near Ala Moana Beach Park and the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. When I went there, I noticed that people usually come here for some events, for family picnics with chairs and tables, to play fun outdoor games like frisbee, or just to hang out.

Know About Magic Island

What’s unique about this place is Ala Moana Center organizes a fireworks show over Magic Island every year on 4th July. So, if you are here around this time, don’t miss out on this once-a-year event. On the same day and at the same place, you can also see various local bands performing for the visitors.

What To Do Here?

Magic Island is the highlight of all the beaches in Honolulu. Although it may not boast a rich look like the other natural beaches, I bet you’ll be awestruck by its beauty. Differentiating the Magic Island beach from the other beaches will be tough if no one talks about it.

What else could you do here apart from just taking in the beauty?

Most people visit this place with their kids and friends to engage in several outdoor activities. I found lots of fun spots for children to enjoy at Magic Island. There’s an area with a shallow lagoon specifically made for children, so it’s a great place to bring the whole family.

What To Do Here

Additionally, you take part in many aquatic activities, such as surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, scuba diving, and fishing.

There’s basically something for everyone!


There are multiple amenities you can enjoy here while on your time on this island. You get a dedicated parking lot, buses, food concessions, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and active lifeguards always on duty.

Operating Hours: Open daily from sunset to sunrise

Traveling Around Magic Island

Now, while the Magic Island may be a small beach compared to the other ones in Hawaii, you still need some time to explore it. While there are various ways to travel around the island, riding a scooter stands out as the most exhilarating and immersive option.

The simplicity and ease of handling a scooter make it the ideal companion for navigating the well-trodden paths and hidden gems that Magic Island offers.

Traveling Around Magic Island

The Magic Island is known for its pristine coastline. And riding a scooter along the winding coastal roads offers breathtaking views of the azure waters that stretch into the horizon.

It’s not just about taking in the views. Once you are done with Magic Island exploration, you can start your scooter and visit the nearby attractions.

Riding a scooter in these places is my personal favorite mode of transportation because then I don’t have to rely on someone else to stop the vehicles or stop at a particular place and keep walking under the scorching sun.

While riding a scooter, I can stop at any time and place I want, whether in secluded coves with powdery sand or near the crystalline waters.

The scooter can be parked even in a small space, allowing me to dip my toes in the refreshing sea. Every twist and turn of the coastal roads reveals a new panorama, making the scooter ride a visual feast for the senses.

The scooter’s compact size allows you to go around narrow streets and discover ancient landmarks, from centuries-old churches to vibrant street art that adds a modern twist to the island’s cultural canvas.

As the day draws to a close, there’s no better way to cap off your scooter adventure than by chasing the sunset. Ride to one of the island’s scenic viewpoints, where the sky transforms into a canvas of warm hues.

scooter's compact size

The scooter, parked against the backdrop of the setting sun, becomes a silent witness to the magical transition from day to night.

Attractions Around Magic Island

While most people spend around up to 3 hours at this location, it’s easy for your visit to turn into a full-day adventure if you get caught up in the peaceful atmosphere.

Being here also puts you close to other attractions in town. To the east, across the harbor, you have Waikiki and its beaches. You can visit the Honolulu Museum of Art when you head north into town.

Attractions Around Magic Island

Riding a scooter through these natural wonders is an immersive experience that brings you close to the island’s heart. It’s a truly magical place. As you walk on the grass, you’ll witness various birds that aren’t even afraid of you. It’s just like a paradise on earth.

The beaches on both sides of the island are fantastic, with clear water and calm waves, creating a serene environment. There’s even a colony of adorable cats living on the rocks.

Watching the sunset is incredible, creating a very peaceful atmosphere. Everything is very clean, including sparkling clean bathrooms. It’s just a wonderful place to go and admire nature.

Located just minutes from the airport, this park is quiet and peaceful. Whether you want to swim in the Magic Island lagoon or just walk on the path, you won’t be disappointed here.

Sometimes, you might just walk the paved paths, fly a drone, watch the sunset, or listen to music. The scooter’s easy control allows you to explore off-the-beaten-path trails, uncovering hidden treasures that larger vehicles can’t reach.

The scooter truly becomes a bridge between the island’s natural beauty and its rich cultural tapestry. You can engage with the friendly locals, who are more than willing to share tales of their island’s history and traditions.

Experience The Magic On Magic Island!

Exploring Magic Island is just a unique experience I totally recommend. Riding around the island on a scooter is even more fun. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s the key to freedom and a secret and untouched location around the island. Magic Island is a celebration of joy, adventure, and the magic that awaits at every turn.

So, don’t wait on it! If you find yourself in Hawaii, break free from the hustle and bustle of your routine to explore this wonderfully crafted haven shaped by human.

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